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The owners and employees of DLG Naturals BW (Pty) Ltd and its sister company DLG Naturals, Inc are shocked and appalled at the recent statements made by U.S. President Trump describing African countries as s***holes.
We are proud to say that we have friends and colleagues in several African countries. Some of us live in Botswana, a place of beauty and wonderful people. We are angry and embarrassed that a leader of a great nation could be so callous and ignorant.
We hope that the leaders of African countries do not assume that all Americans share President Trumpís opinions. Certainly, DLG Naturals does not.

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Botswana, country of the world's finest quality diamonds, now has another world class export: Marula Oil from DLG NATURALS.

With the rare combination of potent moisturization and clean, fast absorption, it's no wonder that Google searches for Marula Oil increased 900% in the last 5 years. As international cosmetic companies move aggressively into "green" and "natural" products, botanical oils like marula grow increasingly important to the industry..

Marula oil offers a powerful and rare combination in the natural oils world: The perfect balance of oleic and palmitic acids. Together, they produce rapid absorption, smooth and protected skin, and no greasy residue. The mix of immediately noticeable results and long-lasting effects offers customers exactly what they want.

The oil demonstrates biomimetic functions and a similar fatty acid profile as oil in the skin, is extremely stable and non-irritating, absorbs quickly, reduces redness, and limits trans-epidermal water loss. These factors create a powerful anti-aging effect that may prevent wrinkling and fade scars.

Eight times more stable than olive oil with an induction period of about 32 hours, it has a shelf life of years and is a strong ingredient for conditioners, moisturizers, lotions, and more.